(Kay.) "vistas of a Pachuca sunrise" (oneko_briar) wrote in iloveannlarimer,
(Kay.) "vistas of a Pachuca sunrise"

:waves: Hii.

I have lj-friended Ann Larimer to observe her in her natural habitat, and it's been a couple weeks into some intruiging "Hunt Whale" scenarios.

This is research, just for me. The lady said something in the journal of an lj-friend, and I recall having seen that ourobourous cartoon about a year ago. Maybe two.

So I subscribed to her LJ on impulse.

Now, I have a question for *you*. Why do *you* love Ann Larimer?

Point to the sources, the reasons, the most favorite pics or entries.

It is pics, right? 'Cause I am getting that, after snooping around the linked site a bit. I mean, if the woman writes the most fantastic fanfiction in the world EVER which is squirrelled away in a top seekrit location, can you point it out, please?

'Cause I am not finding it so much.

Pick a number between one and seven, and count the ways.

The top number challenge is 42 things, if you've got the time.

And now, I go away to do homework and hope everyone else here might bite when finding this after going through TTT...
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